Why start a company in the quality space?

In short, because it speaks to us. Quality, integrity, continuous improvement. These words are more than just words—they’re ideals, and ones that shape who we are and how we do what we do. When you’re a technology company with award-winning developers, you can pretty much have your pick of industries. We chose the quality space because it actually makes the world a better place, and because we knew that the people who make their living in this field do so because they care—about quality, about doing things right, and about not settling for good enough when excellent is an option.

That seemed like a good industry fit for us.

ARMATURE opened its doors in 2000, staffed by a small team of software developers who shared a passion for creating custom solutions. These early ARMATURE developers were true innovators, the sort of die-hard techies who spent their nights and weekends learning new technologies for fun. This relentless curiosity—this all-hours exploration and application of bleeding edge technologies—fueled ARMATURE’s initial success in the accreditation market, and set the tone for the broader quality management software solutions that we’re proud to offer today.

We’re detail junkies and process nerds, and we use those qualities to our advantage: we ask our customers a ton of questions, do a lot of listening and learning, and build solutions that support standards, regulations, and compliance mandates like a well-built armature.

Because quality matters. Doing things the right way matters. And managing risk for your organization through a complex process of supplier audits and improvements is no small feat. It takes passion, commitment, and smart software to manage the process efficiently and effectively.

ARMATURE is not your average tech company. We seek out developers who have an insatiable desire to learn, because we know that there’s always something new and exciting around the next bend, and we want to be the first to discover it and implement it for you. We are innovators. We are technologists. And we are inspired by our customers, who devote their careers to upholding high standards and ensuring excellence in all things.

Here’s to the future of quality.