Managing quality in the healthcare industry is mission critical. With patient lives on the line, every step of the process needs to be handled with care. Quality professionals understand the complexity of their charge: from ensuring compliance with a host of standards and regulations to promoting patient safety, every day is hard work. ARMATURE’s accreditation and certification software for healthcare makes your job easier.

The Smart & Simple Quality Management Solution

No more paper, no more patchwork—we bring everything together and put it online for you

Manage your quality operations from a suite of online tools. Instead of juggling spreadsheets and legacy applications, you can log in to our cloud-based software and see a comprehensive view of your healthcare quality landscape. Tick off your to-do’s, track and run audits, and collect valuable quality data to manage risk and protect your bottom line. ARMATURE understands the importance of standards, and our quality management software makes it easy for you to manage and measure against the healthcare standards and regulations that matter to your organization.

Experience the ARMATURE Advantage:
Flexible & configurable to fit your process

Everyone’s quality process is a little bit different. That’s why we designed our tools to be configurable—you can easily modify them to suit your needs. The healthcare industry is dynamic: between evolving quality goals and shifting standards—in addition to the ever-changing financial and regulatory landscapes—you need a solution that’s designed to adapt with you.

We designed our software to meet the specialized needs that quality professionals have, and you’ll find that most of the functionality you require is baked into our tools. But we can also build customizations if you need them—schedule a demo to talk specifics.