For Accreditation Data Collection, Configurability is Key

Is our accreditation data up to the task of demonstrating outcomes?

This is a question that many accrediting organizations are asking themselves these days, and with good reason—more than ever before, accreditors are expected to show that the programs and institutions in their sphere are delivering meaningful instruction to their students, and good quality accreditation data is at the heart of that determination.

When applied correctly, technology can address a lot of the data challenges that accreditors face. Our accreditation management software gives you creative control over how you set up your accreditation data collection instruments. In our system, you can specify how you want to consume the data you collect, which makes it easy for you to put that data to use—in the form of creating surveys, building annual reports, and generally staying ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Data That’s Shaped for Your Success

In our almost two decades of working with accreditors, we’ve seen our share of data woes. Too many legacy systems throw data at accreditors without making it easy to report on. This opens the door for errors, as you then need to manually pull your data into a Word document or Excel spreadsheet, and the entire process becomes inefficient and vulnerable.

But not with ARMATURE. We don’t mean to brag, but our data has really good bones. Behind the scenes, we shape it in a way that allows you to tie it together and correlate it easily. We capture questions in a consistent manner, which offers accrediting agencies a precise way to analyze year-over-year numbers and trends.

Here’s a sample instrument, with clear milestone markers and progress bars to aid navigation:

instrument summary accreditation
Sample data collection instrument for accreditation.

Built-In Reports & Open Integration

Because reporting is such a critical part of the accreditation process, we’ve built basic reports into our accreditation management software, so it’s easy for you to disseminate and discuss the accreditation data with your stakeholders whenever you need to. These basic reports are a standard part of our out-of-the-box offering, and we built them in consultation with the accreditation community to ensure their utility and value.

But you can also plug ARMATURE data into your preferred reporting tools. Our shaped data enables seamless and open integration with other systems, which opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to making sense of—and issuing reports on—the accreditation data that matters to your organization.

Our commitment to open integration means that we can reach out to any other source of information and bring it back into your ARMATURE system so you can analyze it on your terms, on your time, and in whatever manner you choose. This is key in a world of changing requirements—when you invest in an ARMATURE system, you will benefit from the ability to tie data together from across your quality landscape and then make sense of it—without IT headaches or worries.

Get the Data YOU Want from Your Constituency

Our software is fully configurable, which offers distinct advantages over other options on the market when it comes to accreditation data collection and analysis. Our system allows you to set up the data collection instruments so that you can get the data that YOU want from your constituency. Because we understand that every accrediting body has its own way of doing things, we built our software to flex to fit your existing workflows and data needs. And we structure the data in the backend to make it easy for you to create surveys, put together annual reports, and do the things you need to do to keep your organization running smoothly.

For example, if you want to capture transfer rates or student earnings after graduation, you simply set up an instrument that says “here’s all the data I want,” and then actually tie it together year over year over year. And as requirements change, you can add questions to your base of information to ensure that you’re collecting all of the information you need from your programs and institutions—which will help you demonstrate outcomes and keep pace with the regulatory curve.

With your ARMATURE solution in place, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your data is comprehensive, accurate, and configured to meet your exact needs. Now that’s a quality solution!