Accreditation Software That Stands Up to Scrutiny

Editor’s Note: With the ASPA Fall Conference right around the corner, we decided that now would be a good time to dust off and update one of our most popular blog posts from last year. It’s all about the importance of documentation and process rigor in accreditation, which promise to be hot topics at the ASPA Fall Conference. One session on the agenda, Risk Management for Conducting and Documenting Accreditation Meetings, will tackle the need for rigorous process documentation head-on. ARMATURE Fabric™ for Accreditors is designed to support all aspects of the accreditation process, from building assessment teams that are conflict-of-interest-free to capturing all documentation and communication from application to award. The ASPA Risk Management session will address “the importance of process, documentation, confidentiality, and eliminating conflicts of interest when conducting accreditation meetings,” and this post touches on some of the smart and intuitive ways in which our accreditation management software helps accreditors manage risk and optimize performance. We hope you enjoy this post, and we look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Our process management tool gives accreditors a full view into their quality processes.

For almost two decades, we’ve had the privilege of working with accreditors across the country and around the world, and we know firsthand how dedicated our customers are to ensuring quality in the programs and institutions they oversee. But in recent years, accreditors have found themselves in a rather harsh media spotlight, painted with the same broad brush that is used to portray every perceived failure and oversight that occurs in the space.

The question we ask, as a next-generation accreditation management software provider, is how can we help accreditors meet their missions in an age of heightened scrutiny and increased oversight?

Luckily, there’s an app for that, and we built it.

A Powerful Tool for Today’s Transparency Needs

Even with the best of intentions, accrediting agencies can fall from grace when they fail to build transparency and visibility into their accreditation management processes. Too many accrediting bodies are still working with legacy systems that lack the maturity to handle the heightened scrutiny that has become the new normal for accreditors, and these antiquated systems fail to deliver the transparency and accountability they need.

Our process management tool provides accreditors with a snapshot overview of their processes, with the ability to drill down as needed. With this powerful tool, accreditors can:

  • see where every single program/institution is in the process
  • determine whether their processes are working
  • monitor if their processes are being followed
  • identify opportunities for process improvement

At a high level, our workflow management tool allows accreditors to evaluate their performance and identify areas for improvement, and it offers end-to-end visibility into the process and all of its moving parts. [Editor’s Note: Accreditors have complete control over who sees what in ARMATURE Fabric, so while you’re capturing and documenting all accreditation activities, the system grants/denies access to users based upon the permissions you’ve established in the settings. This functionality is essential to accreditors, as it gives you the confidentiality you need throughout the process.] This snapshot of organizational health, as viewed through the all-important lens of process management, helps busy accreditors keep a good grasp on the programs and institutions in their ecosystem. Nothing falls through the cracks, everything is accounted for, and accreditors have nothing to fear when it comes to increased USDE oversight.

Here’s the executive dashboard:

executive dashboard accreditation management software
Executive Dashboard

A View from Both Sides = Total Visibility

Accreditors know better than anyone that the education landscape is changing, rapidly. It’s important to have an accreditation management system in place that can handle the increased volume and variety of institutions that have sprung up in recent years. ARMATURE’s workflow management tool does that beautifully, and offers a view into the process from both sides.

Using the process management snapshot, accreditors can see where each institution is in the accreditation process, and then use that information for resource planning and effective administration. Our tool makes it easy for accreditors to see who on staff is falling behind, who’s overextended, and how to allocate tasks to achieve that holy grail of organizational efficiency.

The programs and institutions seeking accreditation (or reaccreditation) also have a specific view. They can log in and see where they are in the accreditation process, what tasks are assigned to them, and perform activities and upload documentation to keep the process moving forward.

Here’s the program/institution overview:

program/institution dashboard for accreditation management software
Program/Institution Dashboard


Protect Your Process Integrity

For accreditors, process is everything. Accreditors go through rigorous processes in order to arrive at an end result, and that result impacts the lives of students, teachers, administrators, and society as a whole. Accreditation is a big and important job, and it can only be as effective as the processes that govern it.

ARMATURE’s software is robust and process-centric as a result of this understanding, and the visibility it provides across the board—from staff to executives to institutions—allows accreditors to do their jobs well, without having to worry about increased scrutiny and oversight.

In other words: accreditors, we’ve got your backs.

To see our process management tool in action, contact us to schedule a consultation. We’d love to show you how it works and talk through how our software can support your agency’s critical mission.