Accreditors from any organization understand the complexities involved in continuous improvement. The entire process—from application and self-study to onsite visit and final decision—is carefully structured to make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to upholding high standards of excellence. ARMATURE’s accreditation and certification software supports the your industry’s process, while making every day easier for the professionals on the front lines of accreditation.

A Solution Designed for Accreditors
Accreditation is complicated—our solution supports you from start to finish

Too many accreditors make do with a patchwork solution of legacy applications and labor-intensive processes. ARMATURE streamlines and consolidates your accreditation process with easy-to-use tools that help you manage the mountain of documents, standards, and communications that accompany the accreditation process. You’ll love how smart and simple our solution is—it truly makes your day-to-day work so much easier.

With ARMATURE, You Can Do It All:

  • Set up your organizations
  • Manage the rules surrounding your accreditation process
  • Integrate assessments directly into the process
  • Create and manage assessors/volunteer teams
  • Track decisions through committees and boards
  • Issue necessary documents
  • Measure progress & see a daily list of to-do’s for each user
  • And more!

Configure Our Software to Make It Your Own

It’s easy to make our accreditation tools fit the process you know and love

Every accrediting agency has its own way of doing things. That’s why we designed our software solution to be configurable—so you can manage your own process, create new forms on the fly, and mold the tools to suit your needs. You’ll save time and money when you configure the software for yourself and it’s easy for even inexperienced users to master the tools.