ARMATURE Fabric™ is an easy-to-use audit and workflow management platform that lets you configure our software to fit your compliance and quality processes—no programming required. Think of it as a next generation audit and workflow management solution that can support your journey to operational excellence. Powered by an experienced and energetic team of software developers, ARMATURE Fabric is built on a modern technology stack so it’s as intuitive as the tools you use outside of work every day. It’s new. It’s different. And we think you’ll love it.

Use ARMATURE Fabric to help automate:

--AS9100, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 audits
--inspections, site visits, evaluations
--corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)
--supplier quality management/supply chain risk management
--document management and control
--parts management
--advanced reporting and dashboards

What Makes Us Stand Out

Located in the DC metro area, we believe that the best solutions are the ones that allow you to bring your quality vision to life through software that’s flexible, secure, and easy to use. Here’s what makes ARMATURE Fabric stand out from the pack:

  • individualized dashboards that update in real time
  • customizable personas for each user (quality director, auditor, supplier, etc.)
  • click-through insights
  • configurable processes and workflows
  • online and offline work environments
  • detailed security and permission settings
  • dynamic ad hoc reporting
  • enterprise integration through open RESTful API
  • fresh, modern, and intuitive user interface

The Power of Partnership

ARMATURE has been building enterprise software for almost two decades, and we know that the best work happens as a result of partnership and collaboration with our customers. After all, quality leaders in the aerospace and defense sector bring a lot to the table—domain knowledge, experience, preferences, new ideas—and we combine these insights with our technical expertise to create powerful quality management software that flexes to fit your organization’s unique approach to quality.