ARMATURE Debuts Supplier Quality Management Software @ ASQ



Last week was an exciting week for our team, as we flew down to beautiful Charlotte, NC to exhibit at ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement. After hobnobbing with the fun folks at Crayola, Honda, Accenture, and so many other standout brands, we can say with confidence that the future of quality is bright! We grabbed a few minutes with our Director of Sales (Kiran Ali) and Inside Sales Rep (Emma Chavez) to dish about the whirlwind experience.

Welcome back! This was our first time exhibiting at ASQ–what were your initial impressions?

Kiran: It was massive–more than 2,500 attendees strong! The other quality assurance arenas that we’ve encountered–either as presenters or as exhibitors–were a fraction of ASQ’s size. And the community was very welcoming and inclusive. Everyone was just there to share knowledge and learn about quality, which was wonderful to see.

Emma: Definitely. Also, the conference was perfectly organized and I appreciate all the support ASQ was able to offer us as first-time exhibitors. When you first walked onto the floor you could see the rows and rows of booths. Two days is not enough time to truly experience everything on offer!

Kiran: It was such a positive experience overall. To know that we’re in an industry where there are so many like-minded individuals who care about quality, who care about the level of product and service quality that they’re putting out there in the universe, was very encouraging. It reminded us that what we’re doing makes a big difference in people’s lives.

What was the crowd like, and were people eager to learn about us? 

Emma: Everyone was happy to be there, and we got a lot of traffic to our booth–our cool swag and bright company colors brought people over, but our product kept them talking and asking questions. Many of the attendees I talked to were excited because a lot of what we offer out of the box is what they’re lacking in their current QMS.

Did you demo our supplier quality management software to a lot of people? If so, what were their reactions?

Kiran: Yes, and we got a really great response! People understood that we were kind of the new kid on the block, and they wanted to see what we had to offer. The feedback was that our product was very fresh and new. They liked being able to configure things for themselves within the product, and they liked the fact that the user experience is seamless and intuitive. Overall, we heard a lot of positive feedback that lets us know we’re on the right path here.

Emma: Yes, everyone was thrilled that we had our product right there on the floor for them to interact with. Several folks mentioned that they can tell we are fresh and new by our sexy UI. Looking at our product is what really gave people that WOW factor and it was easy for them to see we are a grade above the rest.

And now for the most important question: who won the awesome Cinco de Mayo prize basket we put together?

Emma: Our Grand Prize winner was Crayola! They’ll get to enjoy all sorts of fiesta-time goodies, such as a fruit keg, margarita fixins’, avocado huggers, and so much more. I’m sure they’ll be the hit of the office with those prizes.

Anything else?

Emma: We have quite the honey-do list to prepare for next year’s WCQI conference! But we are ready for the task and look forward to seeing everyone in Seattle. Be sure to come by and see us—Booth #719.

Sounds like a smashing success. Thanks to you both for sharing your experience.  

Kiran: No problem!

Emma: Happy to help.