ARMATURE’s Cat Fletcher to Speak at Selenium Conference

Our Senior Architect Extraordinaire Talks Testing with London Audience

ARMATURE is a company of innovators and thought leaders, and we love to brag about our team members when they speak at conferences or do other awesome things. This month, we’re proud to announce that our senior architect, Cat Fletcher, will be speaking about refactoring for testability at SeleniumConf London.

Cat’s expertise on this topic runs deep, and her wisdom is hard-won: she will talk about the problems she encountered on a project in her pre-ARMATURE days, and the lessons she came away with. In brief, Cat’s session will show how good testing and architectural patterns can go off the rails when schedules are tight, customers want more features, and teams fail to communicate effectively.

Her passion for Agile methodologies—and for getting people to talk to each other—shines through in her work, and she hopes to help her fellow developers avoid the headaches that result from poor componentization, framework-induced bloat, and other common project problems. She will introduce practical tips and solutions that boost productivity and improve outcomes in product and software development environments.

That’s the thing about Cat: she’s always looking for a better way to do things, and she takes the time to share her knowledge with the broader development community. She brings a devotion to solid testing practices to her work at ARMATURE, and our customers benefit from her masterful command of web applications and UX/API development for cloud solutions.

Cheers, Cat!