On the Path to Quality 4.0: ASQ WCQI 2018 Recap

From Quality 4.0 to the 5 Second Rule, this year’s ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement was packed with ideas and insights. The “Innovation of YOU” conference theme ties neatly into ARMATURE’s values and had us clamoring to attend as many sessions as possible. Our team was proud to be part of the exhibition, handing out fistfuls of candy and tossing Frisbees to attendees while engaging in serious conversations about how our quality and workflow management software supports our customers on their journey to digital quality transformation.

This was our second time exhibiting at ASQ WCQI, and we noticed a big shift in tone from 2017 to 2018. Last year, we talked to many attendees who were struggling to get buy-in from their executive teams to improve processes using technology. This year, most of the people we talked to reported that their C-suite is now willing to embrace new technologies in order to reach their quality goals. This shift will empower organizations that embrace digital transformation and Quality 4.0 technologies to move from reaction-mode to prevention-mode, which is truly exciting.

Increased Focus on Digital Transformation & Quality 4.0

While digital transformation and Quality 4.0 are concepts that have garnered a lot of buzz in recent years, ASQ WCQI 2018 really brought them to life through sessions that emphasized how new technologies can help organizations thrive. The sessions also highlighted the need for quality to play an integral role in every stage of the manufacturing process—and for quality to be a focus of everyone in the organization, from the janitor to the CEO.

This theme resonates with us, and it’s why we designed our management software to cater to different types of system users—personalized dashboards included. The quality executive at headquarters and the supplier on the shop floor have different views into the quality landscape, and our software is designed to cut out the noise and draw their attention to the data, tasks, and issues that require their attention.

risk management software
ARMATURE Fabric™ features configurable dashboards for each system user.

An Initiative We Love: Organizational Excellence Framework

One of the highlights of ASQ WCQI 2018 was the First Global Assessment on the Current State of Organizational Excellence by Dawn Ringrose. In this session, Dawn talked about the extensive research that ASQ’s Organizational Excellence Technical Committee is undertaking in order to help organizations adopt a culture of excellence. She also introduced her Organizational Excellence Framework, a professional development tool that outlines principles and best management practices across nine key management areas.

As a company that serves customers around the world, we appreciated the global focus of the research, and we were intrigued to learn more about how factors such as organization size, industry sector, and geographical region have an impact on organizational excellence.

While the research project is still underway, we will follow this assessment closely. Our goal as a company is to help organizations build a culture of excellence through the powerful and intuitive quality and workflow management software tools we build, which aligns our mission to this study in a beautiful way.

The 5 Second Rule Makes a Lasting Impact

Mel Robbins brought the house down with a keynote address that was captivating and inspiring in equal measure. As a best-selling author and motivational speaker, Robbins was the perfect choice for the “Innovation of YOU” theme, and her talk on the 5 second rule served as a helpful reminder that small changes can make a big impact on our lives. Who knew that by setting your alarm back by 30 minutes and jumping out of bed each morning, you could access your best self? Mel Robbins taught us the value of taking action to disrupt our same old routines.

Taking the Next Step on the Path to Quality 4.0

Based on the conversations we had at ASQ WCQI 2018, it seems like digital transformation is still quite young, but its adoption is becoming more prevalent. Now is an exciting time to be a next-generation quality management software vendor, because we’re in a position to help organizations meet and exceed their quality goals through innovative software solutions. ARMATURE exists to make life easier for the people on the front lines of quality, and our software is designed to automate and streamline every process and workflow you throw its way. To learn more about our quality and workflow management software, ARMATURE Fabric™, contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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