Audit Management Software Built for Online & Offline Use

Our 18+ years of experience building audit management software has taught us that quality knows no bounds: a quality audit can happen deep inside a mine, around sensitive laboratory equipment, at a nuclear plant, or even on a hot air balloon. As an auditor, you won’t always have online access when you’re conducting a site audit, but you still need a convenient way to record issues and observations on the spot. (And you’d probably prefer to leave the paper forms and clipboards in the 20th century where they belong!)

That’s why we made our audit management software flexible: onsite auditors can complete their audits online using our system, or if they lack web access, they can still complete their audits offline and sync the data to our system afterward. This way, nothing gets lost and the process is much more efficient and accurate all around.

Configurable audit software that you can use online & offline.

Our closed-loop quality management system has a big leg up on patchwork and paper-based systems because it provides a single platform for all users to input and access the audit data they need. The built-in offline functionality allows quality managers and executives to access all pertinent onsite audit data and compliance evidence as soon as the auditor is back online–and to contextualize it within the broader quality management system to identify trends and spot weaknesses. You’ll never need to worry about additional binders, notes, and other documents. It’s all right there, in the system.

Configure Your Audit Checklists to Match Your Existing Processes

We understand that every organization has its own way of managing quality. That’s why we made our audit management software highly configurable: using our intuitive interface, you can plug in your standards and checklists, upload evidence, and configure the audit tools and permissions to match your specific way of doing things. The system flexes to fit your quality processes, not the other way around.

If you’d like to learn more about our audit management software, please contact us. We’d love to take you for a spin in our system and talk through how organizations use our web-based audit tools to collect quality data onsite—with or without Wi-Fi.