How to Build Teams Using ARMATURE’s Accreditation Software

Accreditors—how do you currently build your onsite assessment teams? If you’re like many of the accreditors we’ve talked to over the years, you follow a manual process: a staff member is responsible for sorting through the list of potential volunteers and reaching out to them one at a time, then confirming each and every team member’s availability with the institution’s availability. It sounds exhausting!

There’s a better way. For 17+ years, ARMATURE has been working with accreditation customers. We’ve spent countless hours studying accreditation—process workflow, pain points, communication needs, stakeholder roles and responsibilities, standards management, documentation requirements, and so much more. Accreditation is complex stuff, and we make it our mission to simplify your day-to-day via smart accreditation management software solutions.

Our Team Building tool is a great example of how our software can streamline your daily tasks. Using this tool, you can assemble your onsite assessment team in just a few clicks. Here’s how:

  • Filter candidates. Each assessment requires a specific mix of surveyor qualifications, and our tool makes it easy for you to filter candidates based on languages spoken, relevant skills, calendar of availability, and potential conflicts of interest. Your ARMATURE software centralizes and organizes all of your volunteer data, so you can quickly see who’s a good fit for each assessment.
  • Send invitations. Once you’ve assembled your desired team, you can send invitations and manage volunteer responses in the system. As soon as your volunteers accept their invitations, the scheduled assessment will appear in their dashboard view, and they can see what tasks are required of them, and when they’re due.
  • Manage all things admin for your team. With ARMATURE’s team building tool, it’s easy to upload documents (such as CVs), see each individual’s team affiliations, delineate a role for each team member, build teams of any size, send invitations, and add comments and take notes related to a team. Because all communication and documentation occurs in our closed system, it’s easy to keep track of everything that matters to you.
  • Enable self-service. The accreditor doesn’t have to do everything! If you wish, you can enable self-service for your volunteers. This permission allows them to upload their own documents and keep their calendars current. Our software is fully configurable, so you can set up user roles and permissions in a way that works for your organization.

ARMATURE’s intuitive team building tool pulls all of the volunteer data you need into a single, centralized place. And it empowers you to build onsite teams easily, and manage all communication related to your assessments. No more digging through emails or file folders to find what you need—it’s all right there, in your ARMATURE software, backed up to the cloud.

Now the only question is: what are you going to do with all the time you save?