ARMATURE builds smart quality management software for manufacturers and organizations that measure quality. Our holistic & scalable platform manages the end-to-end quality process, with tools for process management, audit management, CAPAs, standards management, and more. Our software is highly configurable, so companies can plug in their existing processes & specify the data they wish to collect–and then make updates when things change. ARMATURE makes quality and compliance easier than ever!

Your Quality Landscape—at a Glance

Keep tabs on assessments, view outstanding issues, coordinate site visits, and more. Our next-generation quality management software solution is focused on helping companies enhance how they manage suppliers, deal with corrective and preventive actions, handle complaints, manage documents, create meaningful reports, and more. We call it a next-generation solution because it is highly configurable, can be managed in a secure cloud environment, and is more intuitive to use than traditional offerings.

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