Case Study: American Assoc of Colleges of Osteopathic Med


Online surveys contain a treasure trove of data, but they need to be supported by a strong and flexible system in order to deliver the powerful insights they hold. The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) sends out online surveys to collect large volumes of data from Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (COMs), and it uses this information to advance its mission of improving lives through health promotion and disease prevention.

But AACOM encountered a problem: the system it was using to manage its online surveys was too rigid and couldn’t handle the updates the staff wanted—and needed—to make on a regular basis. So AACOM turned to ARMATURE for help.


Create a new online survey system flexible enough to accommodate annual updates, and make sure the information that’s collected is stored each year for analysis, reporting, and pre-population. Make the system easy to use and understand.


We used our core technology to build AACOM’s annual survey data collection tool. The powerful and elegant system provides an administrative interface for AACOM staff and portals for schools. The survey tool contains a question library, validations/calculations, and data exports for reporting. Some additional features include:

  • A flexible platform that allows staff to create/update survey questions each cycle
  • Year-to-year trends for each COM
  • A secure history repository containing all supporting documents related to each school
  • Access to previous years’ surveys
  • Automated notifications for submitted and received surveys


Success! AACOM gained better administrative control and is now able to create questions without restrictions and additional outside assistance. The survey tool we built enables AACOM to see the status and progress of open surveys and export data of submitted surveys for analysis. Users have immediate access to previously submitted surveys for comparing past submissions to the current year. The staff at AACOM is pleased with the new system:

“The AACOM annual survey collects a broad range of complex data from our members. ARMATURE helped us deploy a customized solution built to our unique needs using their core products.” –Tom Levitan, Med, Vice President for Research and Assistant to the President