Case Study: National Architectural Accrediting Board


The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) has an important job: it’s the agency authorized to accredit US professional degree programs in architecture. Since most state registration boards require licensure applicants to have graduated from an NAAB-accredited program, the NAAB serves as the standard bearer and quality gatekeeper for architecture degree programs across the country.

In order to satisfy its ambitious mission, the NAAB has to collect, document, and analyze a massive amount of program information while managing a complex accreditation process for the institutions in its charge. But the legacy methods the staff was using were labor-intensive and unable to keep up with the institutional demand for accreditation.

NAAB needed a way to make its accreditation process more efficient and effective without sacrificing rigor, and turned to ARMATURE for help.


Develop and integrate a new information management system to improve NAAB’s accreditation systems and processes. Make sure the system meets these specific requirements:

  • Provide a more transparent, efficient, and user-friendly process for education institutions seeking accreditation
  • Streamline the NAAB’s internal processes for managing volunteers and program information (e.g. contact information, visit history, contact tracking)
  • Avoid compromising the rigor and integrity of the NAAB’s accreditation process


We used our proprietary quality management software technology to implement a new web-based accreditation data management system for the NAAB, which enabled the agency to:

  • Manage site visit volunteers and program information (contacts, visit history, communication tracking) while integrating with the NAAB’s existing web-based portal for team member training.
  • Proactively schedule program site visits and easily manage records of team member credentials and past activities.
  • Provide educational institutions with an easy-to-use tool for activities such as confirmation of team members and uploading required documentation.


The NAAB’s accreditation data management system integrates seamlessly with its existing web-based portal for team member training. The system provides a faster and more reliable method for transferring documents, and reduces opportunities for errors by decreasing the need to manually re-enter information by hand.

The ARMATURE solution has enabled the NAAB to proactively schedule program site visits and better manage records of team member credentials and past activities. The NAAB has introduced a more user-friendly process for institution self-service to help manage accreditation activities.

The biggest win of all, though, is how our solution creates a more rewarding—and effective—work environment for the NAAB staff:

“Working with ARMATURE positions the NAAB to support the technical elements of its core activity, accreditation, with technology and to apply the time and talent of its human resources toward meeting strategic objectives for analysis and evaluation.” —Andrea S. Rutledge, CAE, Hon. AIA, Executive Director, National Architectural Accrediting Board