Coming Soon to ARMATURE Fabric™ for Accreditors

The ARMATURE Fabric™ product team is hard at work building new features and upgrades for the accreditation community. Guided by input from our customers, we continue to enhance our accreditation management software with the goal of delivering powerful next-generation tools that are intuitive and easy to use.

We grabbed some time with ARMATURE Fabric™ for Accreditors product owner Brett Swick to learn about a few of the exciting enhancements that are coming soon to our out-of-the-box accreditation management platform.

Enhanced Multi-Lingual Support

We are extending multi-lingual support to more aspects of our system, such as standards and data collection instruments. This enhanced functionality will allow clients to configure ARMATURE Fabric™ for Accreditors to display system information in different languages. Essentially, from a user perspective, you’ll have a toggle on the system to choose your language. If translation has been provided, then what you see displayed will be in your chosen language.

This ARMATURE Fabric™ for Accreditors enhancement is a priority for us because many of our accreditation customers have a global reach. At a high level, enhanced multi-lingual support will streamline and improve communication between stakeholders who are spread out all over the world.

Issue Remediation Enhancements

Issue capture and remediation is a core feature of our accreditation management software—and it’s at the heart of what accreditation leaders are focused on day-to-day. In order to make the issue resolution process as efficient and effective as possible, we’re adding new functionality to ARMATURE Fabric™ for Accreditors that will allow our customers to invite their programs and institutions into the resolution process.

When an issue is created and logged in ARMATURE Fabric™ for Accreditors during an assessment, it can be triaged by staff and then given to the entity that was assessed (whether it’s an organization, program, or person) to resolve. Like all aspects of ARMATURE Fabric™ for Accreditors, this feature will be highly configurable—giving accreditors full control over all issue remediation triggered tasks, workflows, roles, and permissions, with no coding required.

Accreditation Decision Maker’s Workspace

ARMATURE believes in the power of innovation and technology to transform the way work gets done, and our soon-to-be-released Decision Maker’s Workspace is a perfect example of this tenet at work.

Accreditation decisions involve the careful analysis of application, self-assessment, and assessment data by a committee or board. Our Decision Maker’s Workspace will facilitate the information sharing, coordination, and activity that surrounds committee meetings. This feature will tie all relevant information together (e.g. meeting agenda, outstanding issues, assessments, etc.) so that committee members can pull it up during their meeting and get to work. No more searching through files or emails to find what you need—it will all be there waiting for you when decision time comes around.

Application Enhancements

When it comes to accreditation applications, we find that many are long and complex, requiring branching, validation, and calculation. Our customers can issue and manage these lengthy applications through the data collection instrument functionality that already exists in ARMATURE Fabric™ for Accreditors.

But what about organizations that follow a simple one- or two-page application procedure? We’re enhancing our applications module to better accommodate these customers, and we’re also working on self-registration. Self-registration will allow programs and institutions to apply for accreditation through a form on the accreditation organization’s website that then feeds application data into ARMATURE Fabric™ for Accreditors, simplifying the application process for everyone involved.

We’ll be putting the finishing touches on these product enhancements in the weeks to come. If you’d like to schedule a consultation to see ARMATURE Fabric™ for Accreditors in action, please contact us—we’d love to show you how our accreditation management software can streamline your workflows and support your staff at every turn.