Configurable Dashboards Give Each User a Unique View

[Editor’s Note: As 2018 winds to a close, we’re dusting off some of our most popular posts from the archives and sharing them again. Originally published in September of 2017, this post showcases the preconfigured dashboards embedded within each module/section of ARMATURE Fabric™. These dynamic dashboards provide an overview of activities and progress, and keep everyone on staff informed of their next set of actions. The technology behind the scenes works hard to surface the information that matters to you at any given time, so that nothing gets overlooked. Click-through actions allow you to take action on the spot and in the moment—so you’ll always be a productivity powerhouse.]

As a quality leader, how do you access the quality insights you need to make informed decisions across the enterprise? Many of the executives we talk to are either (a.) overwhelmed by the volume of data available to them, or (b.) underwhelmed by the lack of data they have. In both cases, they struggle to surface the insights that matter and worry about information falling through the cracks.

ARMATURE can help.

Intuitive Dashboards Help You Take Control of Your Quality Landscape

ARMATURE Fabric quality management software dashboard


Our quality management software comes equipped with dashboards for core user personas: staff, auditors, executives, and suppliers. These dashboards are configurable, which means you set them up in the system to display exactly what matters to each user—and none of what doesn’t. When you log in to ARMATURE Fabric, your dashboard will surface all Tasks, Requests, Issues, and Instruments that have been assigned to you. It will also show you Items and Instruments that you need to complete (along with due dates). Quality leaders appreciate the ability to configure the system to collect and surface the quality data that is tied to their specific standards and KPIs. Built-in data visualizations show the quality landscape at a glance, with the ability to click for additional detail and triage issues:


ARMATURE Fabric quality management software
Take advantage of intuitive data visualizations to spot trends and triage issues.

Staff users can drill down for a detailed view of processes and audits, while suppliers see a tailored view based upon the permissions manufacturers grant them in the system. ARMATURE’s configurable dashboards create efficiencies, facilitate communication, and surface quality insights that executives can use to ensure excellence at every step in the quality process.

Putting Our Compliance Expertise to Work

For more than 17 years, ARMATURE has been building intuitive quality management software for organizations in the manufacturing, accreditation, and certification industries. We have roots in standards and compliance, having built eQMS software for many leading Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) that are also Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs). This intimate understanding of both sides of the audit coin–combined with our passion for powerful technology–has enabled us to create a smart quality management software solution that is purpose-built to handle all of the nuances and intricacies of compliance.

We understand that no two organizations manage quality in exactly the same way, which is why we designed our software to be flexible and easy for users to configure. You don’t need to be an IT guru to configure our software—we make it easy for our users to make changes to every module. That’s why we say “Built by ARMATURE, Configured by You.”

To learn more about our quality management software, contact us or schedule a consultation. We’d love to support your quality goals.