Configuration or Customization? We’ll Help You Make the Right Choice

Our quality management software is designed to flex to your needs, so you might not require those customizations after all.

One question we get a lot: what’s the difference between a configuration and a customization, and how do I know which one I need? Understanding the difference between the two is key, for both financial and performance reasons. Let’s dig in.

Configurations: The Easy Changes

Configurations are the changes you can make to our software on your own, without the need for our developers to get involved. We built our tools to be highly configurable, because we know that when it comes to accreditation and quality management, no two processes are exactly alike. You shouldn’t have to adjust your process to make it fit into a rigid software solution; rather, your software solution should flex to match your existing way of doing things. That’s one of the reasons the ARMATURE solution is so powerful—our widget- and component-based design makes it easy for you to configure the tools to make them work for your organization.

Here are some of the many things you can configure:

  • Process templates
  • Email templates
  • Assessment questions
  • Rules, permissions, item-level control over stages

Customizations: The Hard(er) Changes

Customizations, on the other hand, are the bespoke features we need to build in order to satisfy your organizational requirements. Our software developers have a long history of building custom solutions, and they can create whatever extra tools and functionality you need—and make sure the customized parts play nicely with our broader quality management solution.

Examples of customizations include:

  • Document generation
  • Data hygiene, imports & exports
  • Custom reports

The downsides? Customizations cost extra, whereas configurations don’t. And customizations can make it harder for your organization to stay on the upgrade path, whereas configurations don’t. When you purchase ARMATURE Fabric™, you’re investing in—and benefitting from—all future software updates and improvements we make to the product, whereas your customizations are components that live apart from the core technology and don’t evolve with the product over time.

So Which One Do I Need?

As you can probably tell from above, we feel strongly that you should stick to our out-of-the-box solution as much as possible. Not only does this keep your costs down, but it allows your organization to take immediate advantage of any and all future upgrades we make to the product: a win-win, in our book.

In the end, it all comes down to the details. Accreditation and quality management is complex, and we know that our product doesn’t always satisfy every organizational requirement out of the box. If ARMATURE Fabric™ takes care of 80 percent of your needs, we can build the other 20 percent as customizations to give you a solution that sings.

We hope you find this overview to be useful. When it comes to quality management, nothing is simple. That’s why we’d love to walk you through our solution and get to know your processes and needs. Once you know what our core system can do, it will be much easier for our consultants to help you determine which features on your wish list are configurations, and which might require additional development work on our end.

Either way, we can guarantee you a quality management solution that’s purpose-built for your needs, and a team that’s dedicated to making your life easier through the power of smart software solutions. Contact us learn more.