Does Your Custom Accreditation Software Feel Like a Ball and Chain?

We’ve talked to dozens of accreditors who feel like they’re in a real bind when it comes to choosing accreditation management software. Their accreditation operations are so complex and specific that they feel the need to partner with a vendor who can build them a custom solution. Or they go it alone and build one in-house. In either case, the process can sometimes take years, and costs can spiral out of control.

We understand this frustration, because we’ve been through it ourselves. In our 18 years of serving the accreditation community, we’ve learned that fully custom solutions are too limiting. That’s why became a product-driven company—in order to give accreditors a solution that’s worthy of the important work they do. Introducing ARMATURE Fabric™ for Accreditors.

What’s special about ARMATURE Fabric? Not only is it a fully functioning out-of-the-box product, but it’s also highly configurable—it flexes to accommodate your specific accreditation processes, even as they change over time. Our software is sophisticated but intuitive, so even non-technical users feel comfortable using it. ARMATURE Fabric helps accreditors:

  • Minimize paper-based processes
  • Electronically capture and store accreditation data
  • Provide visibility into the accreditation process for both staff and external stakeholders
  • Reduce workload for staff and external stakeholders
  • Better facilitate continuous quality improvement
  • Support decision making through data management and access

Here are 3 good reasons to consider ARMATURE Fabric when you’re ready to upgrade your accreditation management software.

ARMATURE Fabric is Easy to Update

Accreditors are process and domain experts, and no two organizations approach accreditation management in exactly the same way. That’s why we designed ARMATURE Fabric with real configurability in mind—so you can build your own workflows and data collection forms, with no coding required.

ARMATURE Fabric makes it easy for you to build your own workflows and change them over time. The workflows you create will automate your processes, triggering tasks and alerting stakeholders to take action when required—so your self-studies, site visits, and review cycles will flow smoothly. With modern technology and an intuitive user interface, ARMATURE Fabric is designed to give you control over your software experience.

process management screenshot
Sample accreditation workflow in ARMATURE Fabric


accreditation onsite review assessment
Sample onsite assessment instrument in ARMATURE Fabric

ARMATURE Fabric is Easy to Implement & Integrate

One of the key advantages Fabric offers is speed of implementation. The framework exists, the platform is there, and all we have to do is turn it on for you. Then we can plug in your workflows and instruments, and you’ll be ready to get to work.

Our team can demonstrate this fast rate of return for you in real-time. If you schedule a consultation, we can build one of your processes into the system while you watch—so you can see how quick and easy it is to do.

ARMATURE has a strong background in systems integration, having integrated with more than 50 well-known software systems since our inception in 2000. When we built ARMATURE Fabric, we did so with a secure, open API for straightforward integration and easy-to-extend server- and client-side APIs. This open API makes it easy for us to push or pull data from other systems in order to paint a complete picture across the enterprise.

ARMATURE Fabric is a Smart Investment

Custom enterprise solutions require a massive upfront investment of both time and money, which means that you may not see a return on your investment for a year (or two, or three…). And by then, you may have different ideas about how you’d like your system to work. With ARMATURE Fabric, you’ll see results right away—in many cases, we’re able to get accreditors up and running in a matter of weeks. And we train you on how to make your own updates in the future, so you won’t have to pull us back in every time you need to make a change (but we’re here for you if you need us!).

In addition to the time-to-value advantages, ARMATURE Fabric is a smart investment because we’re constantly adding features and improving functionality, while finding ways to lower costs.  Our accreditation customer community plays an active role in defining the product roadmap, so the features we build are always exciting and relevant to accreditors. Fabric is dynamic and ever-evolving, and it will never gather dust or grow stale. It’s the accreditation management solution that’s built with an eye on the future, and that makes it a smart investment today.

To learn more, contact us. We’d love to discuss your accreditation needs and see if Fabric is a good fit for your organization.