Flexible, Strong & Built-to-Last: Our QMS Software

ARMATURE’s supplier quality management solution flexes to fit your quality needs

Each enterprise has its own way of managing quality, which is why the supplier quality management software you choose needs to be flexible enough to mold to your processes, even as they change over time. ARMATURE hits the sweet spot that most organizations fall into: we offer powerful supplier quality management software that your enterprise can use right out-of-the-box, or easily configure based on your existing quality processes. We designed our suite of web-based quality management tools to be intuitive and resilient, so you’ll continue to benefit from upgrades we make to the product over time.

The right enterprise software solution can be a game-changer for your organization, but it’s also a significant investment. As a buyer, how can you be sure that your software investment will stand the test of time? It starts with the technology.

A JavaScript Framework with Its Eye on the Future

Our tech-obsessed team is constantly on the hunt for new tools and technologies, and we have a thorough vetting process in place to make sure that the technologies we work with are both innovative and resilient.

The front-end of ARMATURE’s supplier quality management software is built on the Aurelia framework, which takes JavaScript to a whole new level. Aurelia is a front-end developer’s dream come true: it was designed with simple conventions in mind so that our developers don’t waste time rewriting boilerplate code. It also boasts a modern architecture with focused modules that give us the flexibility that we—and our customers—need in a supplier quality management solution.

Of all available frameworks, Aurelia is the most aligned with the JavaScript community. This means that it offers the best combination of safety + innovation for our customers. As the JavaScript community evolves and changes, Aurelia adapts.

Technology changes fast, so we keep our ear to the ground to make sure that we’re the first to know when new options emerge. So far, none of the front-end frameworks we’ve seen can compete with Aurelia—when it comes to that magical mix of innovation, flexibility, and lasting power, it wins hands-down.

Supplier Quality Management Software with a Long Shelf Life

Enterprise software is a considerable investment, so you want to be sure your QMS software will continue to work as technologies change, and as your quality processes evolve. We’ve been building enterprise quality management software for 15+ years, so we know all about the complex business logic that informs the tools we build. So the longer you can keep your solution in place, the better it is for your organization—from both a financial and a functional perspective.

Aurelia helps here, too. Because it’s a framework that will last as web standards evolve, it protects our customers’ investments, and our own. As long as JavaScript is the dominant programming language in play, Aurelia will continue to offer our manufacturing customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their changes and upgrades will be supported, both now and in the future.

We love that Aurelia is future-looking, but also perfectly suited to today’s mobile, desktop, and browser environments. It’s the ideal canvas for our team of innovators.

If you’d like to talk tech or see our product in action, contact us—we’d love to show you what our supplier quality management software can do for your organization.