Why Companies Must Foster a Culture of Continuous Improvement

In contemporary society, organizations of all kinds need to keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to quality management—not just for the sake of profit, but as a duty to the customers, communities, and shareholders they serve each day.

Too many good companies have failed in recent years because of flaws in their quality management systems, or because their underlying processes weren’t robust enough. Not doing enough to drive consistently high-quality goods and services is not only a risk to the public, but to an organization’s survival.

Reading the recent headlines about the Takata Corporation reinforces this point. Takata is a great example of how a company with an 80+ year heritage can be impacted by a significant product defect. We should all take note.

The role of the quality professional is more critical today than it ever has been, and increasingly, quality practitioners recognize the importance of creating a culture that is focused on continuous improvement. It’s not just about having the best processes and procedures. It’s not just about understanding dynamic compliance and regulatory environments. It’s also about people and the role they play in maintaining awareness and excellence when it comes to quality. And, it’s about listening and paying attention to what customers are experiencing and saying, especially on the vast array of social channels that are pervasive today.

There are several solutions on the market that can help automate quality management processes, and many companies already have these integrated into their current systems. While they are only a piece of the puzzle, these solutions can help foster the right quality management culture, drive consistency, and minimize risk to customers, shareholders, and organizations alike.

ARMATURE’s supplier quality management software is not like the traditional solutions on the market. Our software represents an evolution in the offering—through a combination of smart new technologies, a nimble product team, and strong track record in compliance and standards management, we’re able to help organizations stay ahead of the curve and prevent Takata-scale disasters from happening. If the Takata recall has you rethinking your organization’s approach to quality management, schedule a demo to see how our software can help you advance your quality goals.