Measuring Innovation @ The Quality Show

Last week’s Quality Show showcased a dazzling array of manufacturing innovations and demonstrated, once and for all, that the future of the industry is bright and full of potential.

The ARMATURE team attended the show to learn about the latest developments in manufacturing; we have a fundamental belief that the power of technology can transform the way we all work and think, and this belief was reinforced for us with each exhibitor we visited. Manufacturing has matured by leaps and bounds since Henry Ford established the first moving assembly line for the Model T, and we found it thrilling to admire the various encoders, visual inspection tools, precision measuring equipment, and 3D technologies on display.

Our quality management software is designed to help manufacturers manage critical quality functions such as audits, supplier quality, CAPAs, and non-conformances, and we pride ourselves on our innovative solutions. We felt right at home among the inventive Quality Show exhibitors!

ARMATURE’s Quality Management Software is Architected to Support IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) came up a lot in the conversations we had at The Quality Show, and it was fascinating to see how this concept is playing out in the manufacturing sphere. Because IoT is all about machines collecting and giving feedback, it’s critical that manufacturers have a quality management software system that can collect, protect, analyze, and leverage this essential machine data.

ARMATURE’s quality management platform is IoT-ready, with a secure, RESTful API that is architected and engineered to support all of the endpoints, nodes, and bots in your IoT landscape. Older quality management systems without a web-API may find it difficult to keep pace with the IoT revolution, but our commitment to open integration allows us to partner with the world’s most forward-thinking manufacturers. We can only imagine the number of applications that our IoT-readiness will enable in the future!

Manufacturing Among the Stars

Speaking of imagination…when it comes to inspiring keynote addresses, Matt Napoli’s takes the cake. Matt is the VP of In-Space Operations for Made in Space, and his presentation, “Made in Space: Manufacturing at 17,200mph,” showed that big ideas that might seem impossible to pull off–like manufacturing space assets in outer space–are within reach today. The presentation told the story of the first-ever instance of manufacturing in space: a 3D printer successfully printed parts on the International Space Station, while a delighted astronaut looked on. Now that they’ve established proof of concept, Made in Space is free to explore the possibilities that exist for manufacturing among the stars. Some of the benefits are clear: launching space assets from Earth is time-consuming and costly, while making them in space is much more efficient. But some of the benefits are sweeter and more human: imagine astronauts who are away from their families for years at a time being able to receive personalized gifts from their kids on Earth, via the manufacturing tools in space.

Made in Space opened our minds to the boundless potential that exists in manufacturing, setting the stage perfectly for the remainder of the event.

Calling All Innovators…

By far the biggest takeaway from The Quality Show was that innovation is alive and well in manufacturing. From robotics and 3D printing to Quality 4.0 and IoT, the professionals on the front lines of this industry are eager to embrace new ideas and technologies in support of their goals. We’re the same way, and we’d love to partner with anyone who shares our passion for quality and innovation. To learn more about ARMATURE’s quality management software, please contact us–we’d love to learn more about your approach to quality management and share some of the ways we’re reimagining what’s possible in the eQMS market.