Managed Services: A Way to Protect Your Investment

When implemented and managed correctly, enterprise software can be truly transformative—empowering better business outcomes, improving efficiency, and driving organizational progress. But choosing the right software solution requires careful research, and decision makers are confronted with choices at every turn. If you’re shopping for a new quality management software solution, one of the key decisions you’ll need to make is how much responsibility you want to take for your software post-purchase: should you monitor and maintain the software in-house, or outsource the day-to-day oversight to a third party?

In our 16+ years of building and integrating quality management software with enterprise IT infrastructures, we’ve had countless conversations with IT and business decision makers. We understand the challenges organizations face, and we’ve structured our Managed Services offering to help our customers enjoy the transformational benefits of our software—without having to take on the stress of managing it on their own.

So why should you choose Managed Services? Here are three reasons:

Time Savings: You Get to Focus on Your Business While We Keep Your Systems Firing on All Cylinders

Our flagship quality management software is comprised of three backend systems: SQL Server, Elasticsearch, and Couch DB. Each of these backend systems needs to be implemented correctly and then monitored around the clock to ensure a reliable software solution for your organization. While many organizations don’t have expertise in the non-SQL systems, we do—and our Managed Services offering makes us responsible for ensuring that every aspect of your system is online and running smoothly, 24/7/365.

Our proactive approach to monitoring your quality management software allows us to spot issues right away and correct them before they have a chance to make a negative impact. It’s one of the key ways we protect your investment, and our customers reap the rewards of it every time we fix a bug or manage a patch. By delegating the monitoring and management to us, organizations are able to focus on running their businesses instead of troubleshooting technology, and they also benefit from not having to train IT staff on new technologies or hire more in-house IT personnel and hope they can learn the ins and outs of managing our complex solution.

Because a system that’s well taken care of will run better than one that’s not, our customers who opt for Managed Services also benefit from increased operational efficiency and minimized downtime—not to mention invaluable peace of mind.

Smart & Effective Integration: We’ll Make Sure Your Systems Talk to Each Other So Nothing Gets Lost

ARMATURE got its start in systems integration, and we have expertise in integrating with over 50 well-known software systems. We designed our quality management software from the ground up to integrate with your other enterprise systems using a RESTful API. As a best-in-breed point solution, we understand that we’re one piece of your broader technology landscape, and our product design reflects that.

We’re particularly proud of our shaped data and secure open integration: we architected our solution to ensure our data plays nicely with your data warehouse and is compatible with your existing BI tools, so it’s easy to connect the dots and manage risk across your business landscape. When you opt for our Managed Services offering, you’ll benefit from our around-the-clock monitoring: our team keeps watch to ensure that all of your component systems are online and talking to our quality management software as they should, so you’ll never need to worry about information falling through the cracks.

Security Benefits: We’ll Protect Your Quality Data

While our software is flexible enough to meet a whole range of deployment criteria, our Managed Services offering is hosted in a secure private cloud environment. This allows us to collect, manage, and maintain your quality data within a protected environment that’s dedicated to your organization.

We know first-hand how sensitive quality data can be, which is why we host in a secure private cloud environment. This way our customers enjoy all of the benefits of cloud hosting–a flexible IT infrastructure, greater bandwidth, built-in resiliency, and agility—but we always know exactly where your information is, and we layer on additional security protections such as intrusion protection and UTM firewalls to keep your quality data secure.

There’s a lot that goes into the management and monitoring of your ARMATURE solution, and each organization has different nuances and requirements that need to be addressed. If you have any questions about our Managed Services offering, or about any other aspects of ARMATURE’s solution, please contact us: we’d love to answer your questions and help you make the right decision for your organization.