ARMATURE is Proud to Support Manufacturing Day 2017!

Manufacturing has come a long way since Lucy.

Today’s manufacturers are some of the biggest innovators around. Due in part to exciting developments in 3D printing, CAD design, and IIoT, shop floors and factories have become places of high-tech wonder, where creative thinking and precise doing combine to reimagine what’s possible.

There is no better time to celebrate this renaissance in American manufacturing than today–the official Manufacturing Day 2017 (#MFGDay17). Manufacturing Day was launched in 2012 to highlight the importance of manufacturing in modern society–and to address some of the misperceptions about the industry (see Lucy, above).

The idea is simple but powerful: manufacturers around the country throw open their doors for the day to reveal what really goes on inside, hoping to inspire the next generation to pursue rewarding careers in manufacturing, while showing the possibilities that abound in today’s tech-forward manufacturing facilities. When you take the time to learn about modern manufacturing, you can see that it’s full of energy and excitement–the perfect environment for building the future.

A Common Commitment to Innovation

As a company, we share this passion for innovation–we chase after new technologies, take on big business challenges, and delight in finding new and better ways to support the end-to-end quality management process through the software we build for manufacturers.

That’s why we’re proud to support this event. ARMATURE is an official endorser of #MFGDay17, and we encourage everyone to find a local event and discover what manufacturing is all about–we’re confident you’ll be amazed.

manufacturing day 2017


ARMATURE builds powerful quality management software for manufacturers and accrediting bodies. Our online platform supports the end-to-end quality process and helps companies comply with industry regulations and safety requirements while building products of exceptional quality. If you’d like to learn more about our product, please contact us–we’d love to help you meet and exceed your quality goals!