Meet Kate, ARMATURE’s New QA Test Analyst

Here at ARMATURE, our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional accreditation and quality management software. In order to do that, it takes a village of project managers, product owners, developers, architects, and software testers. Software testers are often the unsung heroes of the bunch, but the work they do is invaluable—they serve as the first line of defense, testing the product from all angles to ensure optimal performance and a smooth user experience. Last month, we added a spectacular new QA test analyst to our team, and we’re proud to introduce her here in this short interview. Let’s get to know Kate.

Welcome to ARMATURE! To start things off, what is your title?

Thank you for the warm welcome; I’m glad to be part of the team. My name is Kate and I’m a test analyst.

I know you haven’t been here for very long, but can you describe a typical day for you here at ARMATURE?

Sure. I check my emails quickly in the morning to see if there have been updates or changes overnight, and to make sure I’m working on the most important tasks first. We also have a daily stand-up with the project team to discuss the tasks and issues, and after that, I perform the tasks assigned to me and report new issues and perform bug fix verification. I also create test cases and develop workflows to ensure all parts have been covered in the testing process.

Tell us about your background: how did you get into software testing?

I have three years of experience in QA. I worked toward my Master’s degree from the Belarusian National Technical University and also attended an IT Academy where I was certified as a software testing engineer. When I was in school, I realized that I really enjoyed testing software products to improve product quality, and that’s where my love for QA testing was born.

What excites you the most about testing?

As a test analyst, I’m the first in line to encounter any issues that may crash the software or cause a bad user experience, and by testing, I’m able to find new issues and analyze the product from different perspectives. I like that my work helps to make the product better and improves confidence about the product. I’m happy because I know that thousands of people can use this product and they will have a good experience because of my work as part of a team.

Excellent answer. What are your impressions of the ARMATURE team and the culture here?

ARMATURE has a great culture with friendly coworkers and a team-oriented environment. New ideas are always welcomed here, which is very important to me.

What’s one thing you’d like to share with our customers about yourself?

I’m the mom of a 6-year-old kid, and I’m proud of that. His name is Konstantine. Also, I was born in Belarus, a small country in Europe, and I have been living in Maryland for almost three years.

What is your proudest achievement in testing?

Last year, I passed the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB) exam and was presented with a certificate. This year, I became a trusted tester in Section 508 compliance. Section 508 makes sure that people with disabilities can use software products—my testing ensures that people with disabilities are able to read all of the elements on the page.

What is your proudest achievement outside of work, or just something fun you’d like to share?

I have learned how to ice skate! I really enjoy it. I taught myself and my son, and it took two years.

You’ve already shown us that you’re a high achiever. What drives you to do such exceptional work?

I’m a perfectionist and I like to pay attention to all of the details and make sure everything is just right. I’m also very organized, and this enables me to be as productive as possible in my job.

Is there anything else you’d like to share that you think would benefit the story?

I just want to say thank you, and I hope I will be a good test analyst and improve product quality so that all customers will be satisfied.

That’s what we want! Thank you for your time, Kate. We’ll let you get back to testing now.

That sounds good.