We’re different, and we want to prove it. ARMATURE offers all of the features you’d expect to see in an enterprise-level quality management solution, plus more!  Our configurable quality management software allows you to take control of your quality management initiatives while integrating seamlessly with your established systems. From ISO 9001 and FDA compliance to CAPA and audit management, ARMATURE gives you total visibility into your quality landscape.


Your Quality Landscape—at a Glance
Intuitive dashboards display everything that matters to you

Keep tabs on assessments, view outstanding issues, coordinate site visits, and more. Our quality management software keeps you organized and on top of everything—while helping to ensure compliance throughout your organization.

Track & Manage Audits

Inside & outside your standard audit cycle

  • Calculate & measure risk through issues, NCRs, and corrective action reports
  • Tie issues to standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, and CFR Title 21
  • Ensure compliance across your organization
  • Create and conduct audits your way using our flexible software
  • Integrate audit data with your other systems to fuel business insights


Become a Corrective and Preventive Action Superstar

  • Our CAPA software gives you complete visibility into your entire quality ecosystem
  • Spot issues, record observations, and take swift corrective action as needed



Engineer Your Process to Ensure Total Visibility
A quality management solution designed to mold to your process—even as it changes over time

Quality engineers understand the value of process improvement better than anyone. Processes are dynamic—you make changes over time to gain efficiencies and manage risk for your organization. That’s why ARMATURE’s highly configurable solution works so well for quality management: you can modify the software as needed to fit your process as it changes and matures.

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Fix Non-Conformances Fast with Interactive NCRs
Capture all back-and-forth communication & tie it to standards

Our quality management software is designed to facilitate communication between auditors and the people, processes, and departments they audit. This is key for quality management—you can track, manage, and issue your NCRs while having an online dialogue with the recipients. This way is friendlier, less punitive, and better at creating a clear path to correction for all parties involved.

Built by ARMATURE. Configured by YOU.

Modify tools to suit your specific process & needs

You don’t want to rely on us for every tweak and change. That’s why we designed our quality management software to be configurable, which empowers you to EASILY, and at no extra charge:

  • Create new questions and forms
  • Set user roles and permissions
  • Update and manage standards
  • Mold the tools to fit your established process

If you need customization, our developers can build additional features to meet your requirements. Contact us to talk specifics.