How ARMATURE Supports Organizational Excellence

When it comes to predicting the future, you have some options: crystal balls, tea leaves, the lines on your palm. But if you’re a business executive who’s been tasked with setting the strategic agenda for your organization, you might prefer an approach that’s a bit more proven and practical. That’s where the Organizational Excellence Framework fits in.

What is the Organizational Excellence Framework?

Developed by our friend and partner Dawn Ringrose, Principal of Organizational Excellence Specialists, the Organizational Excellence Framework is a publication based on best management practices found in the leading global excellence models. Organizations have been using these best management practices for more than 20 years, and they work. The Organizational Excellence Framework brings them all together—along with implementation guidelines that help organizations boost performance and productivity.

organizational excellence framework
Organizational Excellence Framework (© Dawn Ringrose, 2010)


ARMATURE Can Help Bring the Organizational Excellence Framework to Life

ARMATURE’s quality management software platform, ARMATURE Fabric™, allows you to align your quality goals with compliance imperatives and corporate governance initiatives. Our software makes it easy for you to build and execute any process—from audits to CAPAs and beyond—in order to drive continuous improvement across your organization. And because of our heritage in standards (which we’ll get to in a moment), we design all of our web-based tools to wrap around the industry standards and regulations that matter to you, such as ISO and FDA, so you’ll always know where you stand from a compliance perspective. ARMATURE Fabric features personalized dashboards and interactive supplier management tools that put quality leaders in the driver’s seat where they belong.

ARMATURE’s Dashboards Bring Focus & Clarity to Organizations

ARMATURE is no stranger to organizational complexity. For nearly two decades, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with leading standards developing organizations (SDOs) and conformity assessment bodies (CABs) to create a flexible software platform that manages quality and compliance across the enterprise. With an intuitive user interface and a modern tech stack, ARMATURE Fabric makes it easy for quality leaders to build their own workflows, capture and act on quality data, and run audits—all while engaging employees and collaborating effectively with other stakeholders such as Board members, suppliers, and partners.

One of the major strengths of the Organizational Excellence Framework is that it shows the interrelated and interconnected nature of the organization—the principles that describe the culture and the best management practices that are deployed throughout. This robust system allows stakeholders to work together to drive organizational success and achieve strategic imperatives. And it lightens the load for executives so that they can focus on sharing strategic direction, reporting on progress, and addressing issues in order to move the business forward. The Organizational Excellence Framework provides a blueprint for this important work, and the assessment and improvement planning processes get all stakeholders involved and engaged.

Our dashboards help quality professionals focus on what’s important via personalized views that surface tasks, notifications, and issues that require attention across the enterprise. Click-through actions allow leaders to triage issues on the spot, kicking off CAPAs and automated resolution processes in a matter of seconds.

Charts and graphs offer a real-time view of quality across the organization, so executives can spot trends and make big-picture decisions with ease.

ARMATURE quality management software
ARMATURE Fabric™ makes it easy for quality professionals to view issues and triage non-conformances on the spot.


ARMATURE’s Supplier Management Tools Enable Collaboration

Effective supplier management is a top priority for many of the manufacturers we talk to, and for good reason: costly quality failures often happen when manufacturers lack visibility into their supplier networks, and/or when communication breaks down somewhere in the supply chain. These quality failures can cause tremendous damage—to customer safety, to your company’s reputation, and to your overall bottom line. Nobody wants that.

ARMATURE’s quality management software brings manufacturers and suppliers together via an online interface so that they can collaborate more effectively. All quality data and back-and-forth communication are captured in the system, giving manufacturers the visibility and traceability they require. Our interactive online tools make it easy for manufacturers to audit suppliers, log non-conformances, kick off SCARs, and more—with no coding required.

Here’s a quick overview:


We Want to Make it Easy for You

Organizational Excellence Specialists and ARMATURE share a common objective: to show you how easy it is to integrate your organization’s strategic objectives into your day-to-day activities to boost performance, increase productivity, and foster success. By harnessing our combination of management expertise and innovative software tools, you can take control of quality and drive organizational excellence—now and into the future. To learn more about our quality management software, and our partnership with Organizational Excellence Specialists, contact us. We’d love to start a quality conversation with you.