A Partnership Approach to Building Accreditation Software

Accreditation is a team sport, involving the coordinated participation of stakeholders across the organization. ARMATURE applies this same spirit of collaboration to our accreditation management software product development process. We solicit feature requests from our accreditation and certification customers, and we use their innovative ideas to guide our product development. The out-of-the-box product we offer today reflects the specific needs that accreditors have, as it helps them do everything from managing standards and building assessments to conducting audits and organizing critical documentation.

Building Strong Partnerships, One Instrument at a Time

To illustrate our commitment to customer success, we’ll share a story about instruments–the accreditation applications, pre-survey questionnaires, self-studies, and official surveys that users build in our system to collect accreditation data. Like all other aspects of our accreditation management software, instruments are highly configurable, so users can set them up to reflect their specific standards, questions, and preferences.

In the fall of 2017, one of our customers, a large medical education accreditor, came to us with an urgent need: they were up against an aggressive deadline and needed to build profile instruments for an institution that had agreed to pilot the system in early October. For this accreditor, a profile instrument consists of about 10 pages of questions and document uploads that each program has to fill out. And the pilot institution had 54 programs.

instrument builder
It’s easy to build your own instruments for data collection.

We jumped in to help them, and because our software is so easy to configure, the intrepid project manager on this job–Brett Swick (top row, third from the left)–was able to build all 54 instruments in a matter of days. Brett made use of powerful built-in functionality to streamline the instrument building process, leveraging repeatable tables and forms and a copy feature to configure all 54 instruments with time to spare. The result? A relieved accreditor who is thrilled to have moved from paper-based accreditation management to an online system that automates workflows and collects the accreditation data they need to spot trends and demonstrate outcomes. Our partnership is stronger than ever.

A Customer Perspective

But this is just us talking. When we really want to find out how we’re performing, we ask our customers. Here’s what one had to say last month:

It is the approach, support, and flexibility ARMATURE has shown that has allowed NATA to now reach the point where we can replace our aging legacy systems. The new solution has the tools necessary to allow NATA to manage our information in a more efficient manner. It provides the foundation on which we can extend the systems functionality to underpin our new streamlined accreditation business processes. I would especially like to thank the ARMATURE professional services team for their hard work, ideas, and support over the many months we have been working together. Their input and willingness to put in the extra effort has been, and continues to be, invaluable. It is greatly appreciated and will ensure this major project is a success.

–Rob Passam, General Manager, ICT, National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA)

Join Our Accreditation Community

The right accreditation management software solution can have a dramatic impact on your day-to-day life, but it’s a big decision. If you have any questions about our accreditation management software, or if you’d like to talk through some of your challenges and/or concerns, we’re here for you. Contact us anytime–we’d love to compare notes on the industry and find out what you think of our product!