ARMATURE’s quality management software for manufacturing helps companies around the world manage their complex quality processes with smart software solutions that provide total visibility into the supplier network while ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Issue Capture & Remediation

quality management software
See where each issue is in the process workflow.
CAPA quality management.
Automate the entire CAPA process online.












Issue capture and remediation–grounded in a smart CAPA solution–is the cornerstone of every quality system. ARMATURE offers each user a unique view into the quality landscape, from high-level trends and data visualizations for executives to detailed task assignments and issue listings for managers and staff.

A Smarter Way to Audit Your Supplier Network
Our online tools illuminate where your supplier strengths and weaknesses are

It’s easy to track and manage every audit with ARMATURE’s suite of web-based tools. Build an audit team, capture issues, log data, track non-conformances, generate reports, and communicate effectively and efficiently with your suppliers to manage risk and ensure excellence across your supply chain.

Collect the Data that Matters Most

Audit data is the best measure of supplier quality

Good data is key to assessing risk and protecting your bottom line. Our solution captures the most important quality data in your overall landscape: the audit data. Audit data allows you to evaluate safety and manufacturing processes against standards, and gives you direct control in your interactions with suppliers.