Armature offers competitively priced enterprise software solutions that will revolutionize the way your organization manages quality. For every project—large or small, accreditation or manufacturing—we follow the same basic six-step process.


quality management software - the discovery
The Discovery

It all starts with a conversation.
We want to learn all about your organization and any challenges you face today. Our goal is to understand how an accreditation or quality management system can create value for you and your stakeholders.

The Demo

The demo
Once we have the full context of your needs, we’ll walk you through a live demo focusing on the key modules and metrics that matter to you.

The Proposal

Defining your solution
Next we put together a proposal that outlines the solution, and a price estimate that breaks out costs for licensing, maintenance, professional services, and any optional add-ons.

Contract Signing & Implementation

Bringing your solution to life
Once we finalize the contract, we introduce you to your project manager, who gets your system up and then shows you how to configure users, create workflows, and establish a sample audit/assessment template. Our standard implementation package includes 16 hours of training.

Post-Release Customer Support

We’re here for you when you need us
Our web-based portal puts you in direct contact with our technical team whenever issues arise. We also have optional phone support and additional training available for purchase if needed, so you’ll never be without expert help.

Continuous Product Improvement

Making your (feature) dreams come true
We solicit feature requests from our customer community, prioritize them, and build them into product upgrades. This makes our software a living, breathing reflection of your evolving quality needs.

An Agile Approach to More Complex Engagements

For complex projects that require additional customizations beyond what our out-of-the-box solution offers, we use an Agile approach to get the job done. This means that we break large projects into quick development sprints that conclude with a customer demo. Our use of the Agile framework allows our customers to see their solution take shape, and to play an active role throughout the project. This iterative and collaborative approach fosters a spirit of partnership with our customers as we work toward a common goal.

Hands-On Exploration

The sophisticated products we create play an integral role in your quality process, so they need to be intuitive and easy for you to use. That’s why we give you access to your system from day one, so that you can experience the iterative changes as they evolve. We also build in ample time for user acceptance testing (UAT) toward the close of each project. During this phase, we invite you—and your stakeholders—to explore every screen, widget, and nuance to make sure the solution is a perfect fit for your organization.