Audits play a starring role in every organization’s quest for compliance. ARMATURE’s configurable audit management solution is at the heart of our low-code compliance and quality platform—it collects the compliance evidence that matters to you and feeds those findings into our closed-loop system to identify issues and trigger corrective actions, assign risk ratings, propel process improvement, and track the performance of your internal staff, external stakeholders, and suppliers.

Start with the Standards

Whatever standards you need to conform to or enforce (such as ISO, AS9100, 21 CFR Part 11) you understand the importance of conducting regular audits to reduce the risk of non-compliance. You can plug your standards into our system—and use them to build powerful audit instruments, no matter how complex they are.

armature fabric audit management software

  • Utilize type-ahead intelligence
  • Cite standards throughout audit creation
  • Update standards quickly & efficiently

Build Your Audit Instruments

Use our instrument builder to set up audits that test compliance against standards—allowing for ratings, findings, documents, comments, issues, and any additional data you need to collect. Add help instructions so your suppliers, auditors, and external stakeholders know exactly what to do at audit time.

armature fabric audit management software



  • Add complex questions & forms
  • Set up variables, conditions, & rules
  • Capture ancillary data & bring it back into the system

Complete Your Audits in the System

Using a unique login, auditors can fill out audits online or offline—and sync the data after the site visit as needed. Our modern and intuitive interface makes it easy for auditors and inspectors to answer questions and upload evidence, and built-in functionality allows stakeholders to communicate throughout the process. Our holistic platform captures everything.

  • Combine standards ratings with rich data collection for a clearer picture
  • Attach comments, documents, and issues (non-conformances) to any item in the audit
  • Track completion along the way

Track & Measure Audit Performance

Despite their shared compliance goals, auditors, inspectors, staff, and third parties (e.g. suppliers, partners, committees) each play a different role in the audit process. That’s why we’ve created personalized dashboards to help each system user keep track of their tasks and responsibilities. Click-through functionality allows leaders to triage non-conformances on the spot.

  • Single audit summary with click-through functionality
  • Configurable charts show external stakeholder audit performance over time
  • Artifacts library stores audit documents and resources

Bring Your Audit Data to Life

The quality and compliance information that the system collects feeds into charts and graphs that update in real-time. This makes it easy for you to see trends, spot issues, and take action to ensure compliance and drive continuous improvement.

  • Visualize issues in real-time–and remediate them with just a few clicks
  • See a snapshot of audit performance
  • Configure the system to show the data that matters to you

Audit Management—at a Glance:
Use ARMATURE Fabric™ to help automate:

—Standards Management (ISO, AS9100, ITAR, etc.)
—Internal & External Audits
—Audit Scheduling
—Inspection Management
—Configuration Management
—Standardized Data Collection
—Document Management & Control
—Action Plans
—Data Visualization & Insights
—and more!

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