Manufacturers face greater risk, stricter compliance mandates, and more complex supply chains than ever before. That’s why you need supplier quality management software that’s built just for you—a suite of web-based tools that works with your established processes and facilitates communication and data sharing between manufacturers and suppliers. That’s ARMATURE Fabric™.


Share Your Quality Insights with Built-In Reports
Make better business decisions with our data-driven reports

We simplify reporting with built-in tools that help you make sense of your complex supplier quality management data. Our software comes equipped with reports that are tailored to supplier quality management needs, but you can also configure the reporting tool in any way you choose—it’s easy.

If you do reporting outside of our system, you’ll find that our data plays nicely with your data warehouse and is compatible with your existing BI tools.

Our audit reports capture:

  • Quality KPIs
  • Failure trends
  • Audit findings
  • # and severity of issues per supplier

Better Manufacturer/Supplier Relations

Communicate effectively while you get the job done

ARMATURE Fabric™ quality management software allows manufacturers and suppliers to collaborate and share data as needed, all while providing visibility into the quality management process. Using our tools, auditors, suppliers, and quality managers can log in and get the information they need, quickly. You’ll always know where things stand in the auditing cycle, and your suppliers will be empowered and informed to make corrections when needed, in a way that’s clear, simple, and designed to get results.

Best of all, our supplier quality management software makes it easy for you to manage and track quality across the entire supplier ecosystem. No blind spots, no surprises—total visibility.

Record Issues & Observations—Outside of the Standard Audit Cycle

Because problems can happen at any time, and you need to be prepared

Scheduled audits can only uncover so many risks. That’s why ARMATURE Fabric™ allows you to capture issues, observations, and complaints about suppliers that may arise outside of the context of a standard audit—and make business-critical decisions based on this data. Because supplier quality management never rests, and continuous improvement is a constant goal.

ARMATURE Fabric™ Flexes to Fit Your Needs

For supplier quality management that feels just like your existing process, but better

You won’t find more flexible supplier quality management tools than ARMATURE Fabric™. This flexibility is essential, because every organization manages quality in its own way, and the tools you use should reflect your specific quality processes and workflows. You’ll find that our supplier quality management tools come equipped with most of the functionality you need. But if you require additional features, we can build those for you. Schedule a consultation to talk specifics.

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