Accreditors eat, sleep, and breathe complex processes—and no two are exactly alike. That’s why it makes sense to choose a software solution that can be configured to fit your specific accreditation and certification process. A solution that’s easy to use, effective, and even delightful. That’s ARMATURE.


An Accreditation Software Solution You Can Tailor to Fit Your Process

Plug in your accreditation process to manage workflow, track progress, and automate alerts—from one convenient online place. See where every organization is in the accreditation process, and which staff member is responsible for each step.

A Better Way to Build Onsite Accreditation Teams

Harness—and share—the power of data – Assembling an effective onsite assessment team should be data-driven and easy to do. Rather than relying on a single staffer who uses experience and intuition to guide the process, accreditors can share key assessor data and calendars via ARMATURE’s accreditation management software. This empowers more users to assemble the perfect onsite assessment team—a big win for everyone involved.


Match an assessment to onsite surveyors based on qualifications, skills, availability, and potential conflicts of interest.



Everything the surveyor cares about, from managing invitations to conducting assessments, in one convenient online place.

Configurable Accreditation and Certification Software
Take the reins and make modifications for free

You don't want to be tethered to us for every little tweak and change. We get it—that’s why we designed our accreditation and certification software to be configurable, which means you can EASILY, and at no extra charge:

  • Create new questions and forms
  • Set user roles and permissions
  • Update and manage standards
  • Create and manage your process on the fly
  • and more

ARMATURE knows accreditation. For 17+ years, we have partnered with accreditors to build industry leading accreditation management software solutions. So we can say with confidence that our software contains most of the functionality accrediting agencies require–right out of the box. But if you need extra features, our developers can customize the software to meet your requirements. Learn more about the difference between configuration and customization–and how we can help you make the right choice for your organization.