Smart Reporting Tools Help You See the Forest for the Trees

A good quality management software solution helps you see the forest for the trees–and lets the quality insights shine through.

Quality leaders need to be able to zoom in and out. To capture their organization’s entire universe of quality and compliance data, and then leverage that information to spot trends and triage minor issues before they turn into major recalls and failures. To improve visibility and facilitate informed decision making across the enterprise, we’ve added built-in report templates to our out-of-the-box quality management software. These configurable reporting tools help quality leaders surface the quality insights that matter most.

Build Your Own Report Templates

Now it’s easy to build your own report templates and create quality reports that are clear and digestible. You can tailor fields and filters to suit your needs, and share the reports with the rest of your team. Reports are stored in the system for future access, and executives can use these reports to track year-over-year trends and make sense of common compliance issues.

reporting tools for quality management software
Built-in tools empower users to create their own reports.


quality management software report
Communicate insights & findings through easy-to-digest reports.

Like all other aspects of our quality management platform, our reporting tools are highly configurable. In our many conversations with manufacturing and accreditation leaders, we’ve learned that this DIY flexibility is key: since no two organizations manage quality in exactly the same way, quality leaders need to be able to manipulate their quality management software tools with ease.

Screenshots and words can only do so much. We’d love to show you our reporting tools–and the rest of our eQMS–in action, and learn more about your organization’s quality management needs. ARMATURE is passionate about building the best quality management software tools on the market, and we’d jump at the chance to show you how our platform can streamline your processes and add efficiencies to your quality and compliance initiatives. Contact us to learn more!