How to Track & Manage Accreditation Non-Conformances

Accreditors, the world needs you now more than ever before. We live in an age of hypervisibility, where any mistake an organization makes is immediately amplified on social media and can have a significant impact on its reputation. The work you do to create and enforce quality standards helps prevent these PR disasters from happening, and more importantly, your commitment to compliance ensures that our schools, laboratories, and healthcare facilities deliver on their promises to the people they serve.

But what happens when a failure occurs? When an onsite audit uncovers a non-compliance that needs to be remediated? Many of our customers report that this is the most stressful part of the entire accreditation process. That’s why we came up with a software solution that takes the sting out of the non-conformance process for everyone involved—accreditation staff, auditors, and the organizations seeking accreditation. And we’ve been working with industry-leading Standards Developing Organizations and Conformity Assessment Bodies to constantly evolve our product and make it work even better for you.

Our non-conformance tracking tools allow you to log an issue, classify it, assign it a severity rating, and then kick off a process to remedy it, all from within the software interface.


track and manage non-conformances
Track and manage non-conformances from within our intuitive closed-loop system.

Non-Conformance Resolution is as Easy as 1-2-3-4

  1. Issue is detected & recorded in the system: The onsite assessor—or audit team—spots a non-conformance during an onsite audit. Using our software (that offers the convenience of both online and offline use), they record the issue and include whatever documentation is needed.
  2. Accreditation staff logs the issue: The staff member is notified of the non-conformance as soon as the auditor records it, and logs an issue in the system.
  3. Accreditation staff kicks off a process to remediate the non-conformance: Once the issue has been created in our system, the accreditation staff member can kick off a resolution process from within the issue. This is where the staff member can assign tasks, record milestones, store documentation, and keep everyone in the loop. By allowing accreditors to kick off a process from within an issue, we create efficiencies and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. The non-compliant organization uses the milestone view to see where they stand on the path to compliance, and email alerts and dashboard notifications keep the process moving forward.
  4. Export non-conformance reports to share with decision makers: Our built-in reporting tools make it easy to surface compliance insights to share with your Board. By clicking on the Organizations tab and then clicking on Issues, you can generate a report that shows the non-compliances across your entire accreditation landscape. This visibility into issues helps accreditors understand where the programs and institutions in their sphere are struggling—and can come in handy during the standards revision process.

To see our non-conformance tools in action, please schedule a demo. We’d love to walk you through our non-conformance workflows and show you how our end-to-end accreditation management solution can support your organization’s mission.  If you’re not ready for a demo, you can also follow our blog or give us a call at 866.471.5911 to find out more.