Trailblazing Women Lead the Way in Manufacturing

Technology has transformed the U.S. manufacturing landscape, bringing new ways of thinking and doing to the factory floor. If you follow manufacturing, you’ve likely heard that the industry faces a two-million-worker shortfall in the next decade due to a manufacturing skills gap, and that shortage is likely to have a significant impact on companies around the country.

But there’s reason to be optimistic. According to a recent industry report, women are stepping up as leaders in manufacturing, awakening a new generation to its modern applications. These trailblazers have the potential to inspire more women to¬†give manufacturing a try, which just might close the skills gap for good. But there’s still a lot of ground to cover: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while women comprised 47 percent of the U.S. labor force in 2016, they only made up 29 percent of the manufacturing workforce.

As a quality management software company that’s fueled in large part by the ingenuity of brilliant female programmers and architects, we take every opportunity to celebrate powerful women who make a difference, in any industry. That’s why we’re excited to share a gallery of influential women in manufacturing, courtesy of¬†Industry Week–click the button at the bottom of this post to check it out.

In this gallery, you’ll learn about Micaelah Morrill, Acting Executive Director of Greentown Learn, who is connecting startups with manufacturers to promote local commercialization while forging relationships between the two groups. You’ll also read about MIT assistant professor Stefanie Mueller, who imagines a future in which 3D printers are as ubiquitous as desktop computers. You’ll learn about these women and others, and also meet their role models.

Take a look–if you’re an industry veteran, you might see a few faces you recognize, and some who are new to you. And if you’re a manufacturing novice, you’ll find that it’s come a long way since the days of Lucy and Ethel and the chocolate factory!