5 Reasons to Visit the ARMATURE Booth at the 2018 ASQ WCQI

The ARMATURE team will be at the 2018 ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement on April 20th-May 2nd, and we’d love to see you there. It’s a huge event with lots to see and do, but here are five reasons to pay Booth #719 a visit.

1. Learn how ARMATURE is shaking up the quality management software industry.

If you’re tired of the same old options, so are we! ARMATURE offers something new. We build next-generation quality management software that is highly configurable and easy to use. Our powerful software allows you to plug in your processes and automate CAPAs, SCARs, and other essential workflows. Stop by our booth to see our software in action—you’ll notice the difference right away.

2. Delight in our fresh user interface.

Say goodbye to 1993. It was a good year and all, but technology has evolved by leaps and bounds since the World Wide Web was born, and organizations can now take advantage of next-generation quality management tools that are as intuitive as the platforms you use in your free time (like the ones that sorta rhyme with SpaceHook and Bang-a-Gong). You have to see our UI to believe it. So come see it!

3. Get your free Frisbee.

We’ve got a Frisbee with your name on it! (Actually, it has our name on it, but you know what we mean.) We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love a Frisbee, so we’re giving some away. You can store it in your trunk and be prepared for spontaneous recreation all spring and summer long. Claim yours while they last.

4. Meet our fun team.

Why should you want to meet us? Well, not only are we delightful people, but we love having quality conversations. We’ll ask about your organization’s quality challenges, share some insights from our customers, and even attempt to talk about sports, if that’s your thing. (Some of us are better at that than others.) Bottom line: we’re fun, and we’re sure you are too. Let’s be fun together.

5. Snag some chocolate.

What is it about conferences that makes us all go crazy for chocolate and candy? There must be something in the air. In any case, ARMATURE will come prepared with bucket loads of “quality” chocolates that will have you returning to us again and again. You’re welcome in advance.

Want to schedule a time to talk at the ASQ Conference? Contact us now to book a meeting slot.