ARMATURE Signs Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce

We are pleased to announce that we are the latest company to sign the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce.

This Charter was conceived by the International Businesses Standards Organization (IBSO), a worldwide independent nonprofit organization that was founded in 2011 to create, promote, and maintain evaluative and ethical standards for the global business community. IBSO is affiliated with the United Nations Global Compact and aligns with the UN’s core values and codes of conduct.

ARMATURE joins 482 companies from 69 countries in signing the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce. As a signatory, ARMATURE promises to abide by nine core principles and proclaims our commitment to ethical business practices, which include complying with all applicable regulations, promoting transparency, respecting customers and employees, and providing a safe and fulfilling work environment.

ARMATURE earns IBSO certificate
ARMATURE is recognized for its commitment to fair and ethical business practices.

While our listing in the Charter Signatories Catalogue is a proud development for our company, acting with integrity is nothing new for us.

“ARMATURE is proud to demonstrate our commitment to fair business practices by participating in the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce,” says ARMATURE founder and CEO David McTaggart. “Integrity is one of our core values–as a business, we hold ourselves to a high ethical standard and always strive to do the right thing. Our participation in the Charter allows us to celebrate one of the values that makesĀ our company exceptional.”

ARMATURE builds software that manages quality and promotes excellence in education, healthcare, and manufacturing organizations around the world. But our devotion to quality extends beyond the intricacies of our software product and into the way we treat our customers and each other. The Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce is a natural fit for a quality management software company like ours, as we strive to provide excellence and act with integrity at every touch point.

To learn more about the Worldwide Charter–and to see a list of the other companies around the world that enjoy this honor–visit the Charter Signatories Catalogue.